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Henriette harris

EMR recognized Dipl. Craniosacral therapist and massage therapist

At the age of 17 I started my professional career as a dancer in London. During my dancing career I have performed in England and across Europe as the lead dancer for a London dance company and as a freelance dancer for TV shows, films, music videos and music festivals.


Physical anatomy fascinated me during my dance career and I became interested in alternative therapies. A dance career is extremely physically demanding and exhausting. Alternative therapies have always fascinated me. After completing my dance career, I began training as a therapist and deepened my knowledge of human anatomy.

Over the next few years I completed several training courses in classic massage, sports massage, deep tissue massage (deep tissue massage), colon hydrotherapy, Rheiki, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technic, energetic psychology), matrix reimprinting, craniosacral therapy.

During my time as a therapist, my passion for the human body grew steadily and how our body carries and processes our emotions and experiences. Now my main focus is on holistic craniosacral therapy. With the help of this technique, it is possible for me to establish a deep connection with my clients and to work individually with the help of physical, energetic and emotional energy. I am constantly expanding my knowledge and techniques through new training and further education. I am looking forward, to get to know you personally.

 Owner | Henriette Harris
Henriette Harris as a dancer
Craniosacral Therapy | Henriette Harris

About me

Primary and Further Education:

  • 2018 - Today In further training as a complementary therapist with federal Diploma in Craniosacral Therapy

  • 2015 - 2018 Training as a qualified craniosacral therapist, Kientalerhof

  • 2013 EFT Training, Brighton, England - Certificate from "AAMET EFT Taping & Matrix Reimprinting"

  • 2004 Diploma in Colon Hydrotherapy, The British College of Colon Hydrotherapy, Gloucester, England

  • 2004 OCR Level 2 Certificate in "Teaching Exercise, Fitness & Pilates"

  • 2002 Certificate in Deep Tissue Massage, The Holos Massage School, London, England

  • 2000 Diploma in "Spiral Dynamics", Spiral Dynamics Academy, Schafisheim, Switzerland

  • 1998 - 2004 Diploma in "Anatomy, Physiology & Body Massage", Certificate in "Sports Massage", Morley College, London, England


  • EMR register of empirical medicine

  • Member Cranio Suisse

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