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Deep Tissue Massage


The medical/therapeutic massage is aimed at painful complaints and is individually adapted to your needs with special grips. This massage technique specifically attacks the painful area or its origin and aims to eliminate it. Blood circulation and metabolism are stimulated while the nutrient supply to the tissue improves. Under these conditions, the body's own healing powers can optimally fulfill their tasks.


  • local perfusion

  • Reduce muscle recovery time

  • relaxation of the muscles

  • Removal of adhesions and scars

  • Improved wound healing

  • pain relief

  • Mental relaxation, reduction of stress

  • Improvement of cell metabolism in the tissue

  • Optimizing exercise performance

medizinische massage therapeuten:

Praxis Pic Henri.jpg

Henriette Harris

Craniosacral- und Massagetherapeutin

Athena pic_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Athéna-Mélodie Diezi

Gesundheit- und Wellnessmasseurin, Fussreflexzonenmassage Therapeutin

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